What is SFM &
how does it work?

SFM Stands for “Six Figure Mentors”; a unique academy designed to help people build and run successful online businesses. SFM is the brainchild of Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek; two highly successful, 8 figure* internet marketers.

SFM’s core value is to bring online marketing success within reach of anyone who has the courage and drive to start their own successful online business and to create life on their own terms.

Through SFM you will have the training, tools, resources, community support and mentorship to help you succeed as a digital entrepreneur.

Meet Stuart Ross – Co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors

With SFM you can create the life you really want to live. But please be aware, the results are down to you, your dedication and your own abilities. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. So please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

With SFM you will get the education and training in all areas of online marketing that will allow you to create your own successful business that runs on auto-pilot.

There are multiple business models you will learn about and you can start working on instantly to create results even if you have no existing products or services or even a business idea.

Step 1) Education & Resources
Learn How To
Build Your Business

Everything is designed to get as much help as possible to enable you to launch your online business or use the skills in your existing enterprise.

You will learn the proven creative, technical and business skills from industry experts. Through SFM’s exclusive private community platform you receive the training, tools, resources, community support, and mentorship that will enable you to create a life and business you will love.

You will get access to hands-on and bite-sized training modules to learn the basics and over 6700 e-Learning courses in Business, Marketing, Creative and Technology.


Bite-sized Education Modules

Learning becomes fun and action steps are made clear so you can progress quickly.


Exclusive Private Community

You will get access to our incredible online community of like-minded individuals, passionate about helping each other to succeed. You’ll never feel like you’re on your own.


Weekly Training Webinars

You’ll gain fresh perspectives, valuable skills and strategies to apply to your business.


Dedicated Support Team

The friendly, experienced support team is dedicated to helping you to solve any technical issues you run into so your focus can remain on growing your online business.

Step 2) Action & Execution
Earn While
You Learn

If you have an existing business, you are now ready to put everything you learned in action and reap the benefits.

Worry not if you don’t have a product or business. You can get started working with two business models: Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce. You can pinpoint what works best for you with the help of your private consultant,


Affiliate Marketing

Being part of SFM you will have the option to market SFM’s learning platform and business system. SFM’s professional affiliate program allows you to begin practicing your online marketing skills and create income streams through high affiliate commission without having to do any sales. You can earn up to 40% commission of the price of the products you have invested in yourself and 10% of those you have not, which translates to $20 – $8,000 per sale*.



A complete E-commerce business program at your fingertips to help you launch your own E-commerce store with products on Amazon FBA and scale it with the help of marketing outside Amazon with your own e-commerce website.

*DISCLAIMER: What sets us apart from other online business opportunities is our world-class system and methods, as well as our integrity – so we want to be fully transparent: Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results.
Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the bottom of this page.

Need more reasons to get started?

See how SFM students transformed their lives with the education you will receive!


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*The nitty gritty. This is our full disclaimer. Please be sure to read it carefully so you know exactly where you stand:

Note that individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to give you the online tools and education to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of our members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, the understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business.

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