Hi, I’m Zoltan, the guy behind Lifestyle Genesis. I’m an Online Marketing Expert, Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneur, coach, and mentor. I’m extremely passionate about developing myself, my skills and helping people to achieve the life they truly want to live. I have worked with a variety of clients in the last 14 years in online marketing from small businesses through large corporations, to government clients. I recently shifted my focus and now help people to achieve success while getting paid as a consultant by recommending products and services I personally tried, trust and recommend. Read through the pages and contact me if you have any questions.

Maybe you’re here because you’re overworked and felt burned out, just like I was.
Maybe you’ve tried different businesses or investments, but nothing has stuck, just like I have.
Maybe you’re here because you have kids and you had that aha moment, realizing that your kids forgot your name which just hit you like a ton of bricks.
Maybe you’re here because you don’t want to look back with regrets when you are 80.

Now, possibly more important than having the right education material, coaching, tools and community, when it comes to making it as an entrepreneur, – or anywhere in life – is your mental attitude. Gandalf said it best: “all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

The good news is that your mental attitude is not a static thing. It can be shaped and developed. This is one of the strong suits of SFM (six Figure Mentors). The only training academy I found thus far where they start with the foundation: the mindset. Everybody can make excuses why they’re not living the life they know deep down in their heart they are capable of living.

I have to admit, I’m guilty of doing that in the past. I kept telling myself that I can’t take a leap of faith, I have to stay where I’m employed at because that’s safe. But you see, safe doesn’t cut it. And it may not even be as safe as you think it is. I know so many people who didn’t have the courage to switch to a new job or start their own venture, even though they hated where they were until they got laid off…

So they scrambled and were depressed for months, sometimes longer until they found another “safe” job. Why settle for mediocracy? I know it takes cahonas and faith in yourself to make a decision and persistence to stick to it and carry things through, but boy oh boy does it all worth it!

Doing what you want when you want with whom you want. If it’s spending more time with your loved ones, kids, family or friends. Traveling or having more time and resources to do whatever you want, volunteer at charities, start that hobby you have been putting off.

Waking up fulfilled knowing you are helping others. We all have something that holds us back. Well, actually our beliefs and self-image. We believe that we are too young or too old; we don’t have enough time or money or both. We have an accent (that used to be me 🙂 ), or we are not smart enough, we don’t have an education.

Rather than use these things as excuses, find out how you can get started and what you can achieve on this beautiful journey. It’s your life. Live it!

My Story

Strap in, this is a condensed version, yet it’s not short. You’ll enjoy reading it though. 

I was born and raised in Hungary in a middle-class family; partly during the communist era. Looking back, it was an interesting time I wouldn’t trade for anything.

We were not poor by any means and I truly am grateful for my happy childhood. Those were different times; for instance, as a kid I had only two pairs of jeans and when we went shopping for clothes it was a very purposeful trip. We didn’t just go shopping. We went shopping for a pair of jeans that’s the only thing we bought, nothing else

I could talk for hours about what life as a kid living behind the iron curtain was like, but I won’t bore you with the details here. 

My parents never pressured me to go to college, thank goodness, because when I finished high school, I felt that I was done with learning and I never wanted to take another step in any kind of higher education institution. 

So after graduation I started working in the family poultry business at my parents’ butcher shop at the local market. I was also helping to transport live chickens, while we were loading them in crates many times they were shitting all over my clothes and my face. I was also working at our parent’s small slaughterhouse too doing all kinds of dirty work. 

Although, as you can see, none of these jobs were glorious, I really enjoyed working in the family business, especially in the shop alongside my father and younger brother. 

After about two years I decided to make my own luck after hearing so many great stories from my older brother about working on a cruise ship. My older brother always had a great influence on me and I’m very fortunate to have him in my life, not only as a brother, but as a mentor as well, when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. 

It gets better, continue reading...

In a short few weeks after the job interview and health tests I had a contract in my hands to work for Carnival Cruise Lines. I was officially hired as an Assistant Waiter and I was scared shitless, but very excited in the same time. 

My English was very poor at that time, and that is an overstatement. I could barely speak. I was fortunate to start this journey with 3 other Hungarians as we headed to Miami, FL together. However, after the 4-week training on Carnival Fantasy I was transferred to a different ship with no Hungarians in the restaurant or kitchen. 

I still remember though, in the beginning, the way I made a “conversation” was that I asked about a few words I could pick up on. Of course, I could still do my job, I knew all the words to get by in the restaurant and kitchen but it was difficult for me to have a real conversation. Not having any Hungarians to talk to turned out to be a blessing as my English rapidly improved. 

Back then, around the year 2000 working as a waiter on a cruise ship ment that we worked 12-16 hours a day for the length of the contract, generally 6-7 months with no day off. We got lunch off once or twice a week. After each contract completed, we got 4-8 weeks unpaid vacation. 

I finished 3 contracts (about 2 years with vacation) and I decided to go back to school. Never say never, right? I moved to Massachusetts, where my older brother lived. We spent 3 days together, as his contract was up and he was going back to Hungary. I never lived in the US before, so in those short 3 days, he explained to me how things worked over here. 

There I was with a training of 3 days on how to live in a foreign country. Thinking back, I didn’t even process any of this, I just did things. I was fortunate though that I had a place to stay through my brother and I also “inherited” his car, so it was a huge help.

I started my studies in Computer Science. I was mowing lawns, painting houses to earn some income. Although I saved some $ during my time on the cruise ship, college-level education is expensive as you know. 

While in college, I started learning about online marketing on my own. Figuring out how to optimize websites so they achieve better positions on the search engines fascinated me. 

After graduating I secured a job at a small Online Marketing company. As the company grew I was in charge of operations and eventually hired a few online marketers and website developers.

Meanwhile I married my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful girls. They are seven and five years old now.  

Things were good for a while at work, but as time went by I grew more frustrated and stressed out because of things I was forced to do and how business was done. It took me years to make a decision to leave, but I finally made it and after 13 years with the company, I submitted my resignation in February, 2018. 

In the meanwhile, I was searching for something I can really feel passionate about for the long term. I didn’t just want to get excited about something for a few months as I have done before with other small ventures: eBay, Amazon, stock trading and the list goes on. 

That’s when I found SFM. When I watched the 7-part video series, I knew this is the right fit and  I want to develop myself, run my own digital business, become free in every sense of the word and live the life I want to live while helping people achieve the same. So I launched Lifestyle Genesis. A new start for your life and lifestyle. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns to launch and operate a business even with such a great training program and so much help SFM offers, but it’s so worth it. 

I realized that it’s not for everyone and that’s OK. But for those who want this life and are serious and committed can achieve time, geographical and eventually financial freedom. Essentially living the laptop lifestyle. 

I’m truly blessed for living my dream life. If you’d like to see if this is the right fit for you, check out the 7-part training series for free. These videos got me started on this amazing journey. 

My goal is to help a 100 people in 2019 to launch their own digital business. Are you going to be one of them?

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